With the beginning of 2011 we have to include such service after long study on the utility of this method that uses social networks to promote products or advertise events and activities to come.
Sama organizes marketing campaigns on both Facebook , LinkedIn, and YouTube . Giving you the opportunity to reach the maximum number of these site users, and then we provide statistics about the marketing campaigns .

How to benefit as a company or business of social networking? 

  • The real benefit of advertising on these sites is the multiple segments that use social websites continuously.
  • When we want to advertise on Facebook, for example, we can determine the viewers slice very carefully and this feature is not provided by any other ad services so far in terms of:
  • Sex – age – personal interests – the area of his work – hobbies – his – his territory – the language and many many more options available.
  • As is the case in other services, you can choose between advertising paid per impression or CPM advertising per click CPC.
  • Another extra feature is that the price of this service is determined according to the proposed budget and the desired ad size and slide selected, after an analytical study for the purpose of advertising.