What is a domain name?

The domain is a system to convert between names and Web addresses numbers (IP address). It  is used to locate computers on the Internet. Domain names provide a system of Internet addresses that is easy to use and which can be translated by DNS addresses to digital (IP address IP) used by the network.

For example the domain “ www.sama.ae “  is easier to remember than the IP address

The most common uses of the Internet addresses where the domain name is preceded by “www”  “(Example: www.sama.ae) , and in e-mail addresses  followed by  symbol” @ “is an example (info @ sama. ae)

The top-level domains are the public domain available to all users from all over the world. The domain names that end with ( .com) ,( net. )and (.org). The domain names are considered top-level domains.

Country code Top Level Domain or ccTLD is specific to each country around the world. For example “.ae” is related to the United Arab Emirates and “.au” is related to Australia.


How does a domain name?

When we type in the web browser (www.sama.ae), the Computer will search Computer for IP address that are listed for sama.ae then the device will take us to the requested page.


  1. Type the Domain name in your web browser (for example, www.sama.ae).
  2.  The domain name will be sent  to a private computer on the Internet, a name server, which is the search function on (your IP address ) for the domain name.
  3. The computer will recognize the  (IP address IP) and then responds to the request (in this case, it sends you to a Web page).
  4. Web browser receives the requested information and shows you the webpage.

This is a simplification for the use of domain names – there are more details and uses for domain names and IP addresses that go beyond the scope of this explanation, but for the most part, this interpretation should be useful to you.