We provide content management services of the web sites. Save your effort and leave the task to us.

The most important features of our site management, where management include the following:

  • Regular maintenance of databases.
  • Repair databases when hit by malfunction.
  • Recover the site to the last 24 hours of being vandalized or hack and then remove and repair the breakdown.
  • Renewal / update and add data and contents of the site upon request.
  • Renewal / updating the software that is working on the web site, such as programs, forums and magazines.
  • Advertising on the site and publishing the website in global search engines.
  • Advertising on Sama web site within the news bar.
  • Send a detailed monthly report to the owners of the site for the daily movement on it.

Items beyond the scope of management:

  • Increase / Renewal the Hosting plan for the site.
  • Renewal of domain names online.
  • Added IP numbers of the site.
  • The amendment to the software that is not installed by Sama.
  • Repair errors that occur due to bypass the site owner agreement / management contract.
  • Increase the volume of data exchange Bandwidth on the site.
  • Add new software or programs or require large software effort that are not agreed upon previously.

Management mechanism:
To ensure easy management mechanism for a website:

  • A specific employee is determined by the owner / owners of the site by an official letter to Sama, to be coordinated and authorized to send data and applications that are added / deleted / removed from the site agreed.
  • Are all updates and modifications of the web site are exclusively done by Sama.